Posted in January 2013

Needed: Miracle on Stoney Woods Drive

This is not the first time that I’ve tried to plan my escape from Corporate America. I’ve tried reasoning with Ryan and getting him to see things my way. That our family would be better off with me at home to take care of the family full time. That I would have more time to … Continue reading

I Hate Legos

This morning, Seth’s preschool was cancelled due to inclement weather. Granted, they EXPECTED to have black ice on the roads but when we awoke, there was none. So, I called work and let them know I would not be available this morning. I spent the time with just me and my son. No phone calls, … Continue reading

The Budget Talks…

Are still underway but currently on hold until we figure Ryan’s new pay check amount. In addition to the Social Security tax increase of 2%, we also added Seth and I to his company insurance plan. We will know more at the 1st of the month. On another note, I just got a raise and … Continue reading

What Now?

My head is reeling with ideas on what comes next. I’ve made the decision to step away from Corporate America but what is the next step? Well, I’m a project manager and so my head is wired to think very methodically and for me, the next step  is to clearly define what it is that I want. … Continue reading

Dreaming of a new life

So, a little back story on who I am and why I’m here: My name is Claudia. I have a husband, Ryan, and a son, Seth. We live in Raleigh, NC where my husband moved us in July 2012. I work a full-time job from home working for a prominent banking firm. My official title … Continue reading